The folk-dance, like folk music, could be a link between generations, and between totally different kind of people.There are unseen bounds between those who sing and dance together. The rhythm of the music can take them out from the reality of the each day life.The best place for such entertainment is the dance-house(a place something like a club, with folk-band playinglive).In Marosvásárhely (Tg. Mures) the dance-house started in the seventies, but in 1986 the communist dictatorship closed it.In 1990 the Hungarian Youth Democratic Union reopened it.

Since 1996 The Folk Center Foundation leeds this activity.Momentarily, at dance-house István Moldován and his band provide the music. In the program we have 1 hours dance teaching and 4-5 hours free dance. The most popular dances, naturally, are from the Mures area, like vajdaszentiványi, marosszéki, and nyárádmenti dances. At the same time often are welcomed the mezõségi-, széki-,felcsíki-, kalotaszegi-, küküllőmenti dances.

The moldvai, gyímesi csángó dances are also in the program because the joining in of the ÖVES group.

The dance instructors of the dance-house are Füzesi Nándor Albert. Commonly, in the dance-house singing folk songs is part of the program.The songs are presented by Magda Kásler. People between 15-40, pupils, students, workers, intellectuals,form the attendance of the dance house. Approx. 80 persons are in the main devoted group of to the dance-house.

The location of the dance house: Tg. Mures,str. Sinaia nr. 3

Time: every Monday, 8 PM.-12PM