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The members of the group:

"Jack"Csaba Czerán- flute,kaval,tilinka,bracsa

István Görög - drums,gardon

Sándor Kovács - koboz,flute,violin

Magda Kásler- vocal

Our guests:

András Sinkó -violin

Kálmán Koszorús -cimbalom,drums

Béla Sepsi -violin

Ferenc Gábor -violin

The main purpose of  Oves group is to collect folkmusic from  different parts of Transilvania, Gyimes and Moldva, aswell as making it popular by performing on stage. It has been our goal for more than 17 years. The name Oves, meaning “belt” comes from a  circle dance from Moldva where  people dance by grabbing each- other by the belts.

We play with traditional instruments original folkmusic from areas like Gyimes, Moldva,  the region of Csik, and the area of the river Nyarad. The purpose of these performances is not only to entertain but also to raise interest towards our cultural values. We try to take part in activities that serve this purpose. Our most successful performances were those where the public took part in the dancing.  We have performed at numerous city- days, csango- festivals, Tusvanyos- festival, Budapest Tanchaz- festival, the Tanzhaustest in Leipzich, the Germany’s biggest folk festival- Rudolstadt Festival, Szeged city- days, and we have also played in many dance- camps all over the country: Kulso- Rekecsin, Gyimeskozeplok, Jobbagytelke. We have also held a two- week tour in Sweden.

In our home- town, Targu Mures we teach and perform in children and adult dance- houses on a regular basisWe try to recreate the original sound and style of folkmusic and folksongs  and also try to maintain their function. Our music also reflects the musical influences of  other nationalities living near the hungarian csangos: romanians, gypsies, germans and jews. One basic condition for the survival of folkmusic is the ability to accept, transform and assimilate folkmusic that comes from other communities. Earlier this process took much longer time, creating precious and functional folkmusic that was transmitted from father to son.

Nowadays the traditional peasant lifestyle  is swiftly vanishing,  and the community of the village makes poor copies of the streaming modern music.

Svédországi koncert Pusztinai Napok Újbudai koncert
Tusványosi koncert Stockholmi táncház Svédországi előadás


Új élő népzene 5 Új élő népzene 6 Csángó muzsika Moldvából és Gyimesből Mikor Csíkból kiindultam


Öves( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

Oláhos kezes, vert kezes, batraneasca ( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

Hazám,hazám... ( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

Botosánka ( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

Édes Gergelem ( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

Magyaroska ( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

A pásztor elvesztette a juhait ( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

Kecskés ( Moldva )- ÖVES group- mp3

Address: Bul.1848 nr.87/13, Ro-540386 Targu-Mures

Phone: 00-40-744-699915 Csaba Czerán

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