Our foundation, named FOLK CENTER  FOUNDATION was established in 1996, in Tg.-Mures Romania.Our aim is to collect, preserve and share all kind of folk heritage.According to our aims we have the following achievements:

      • once on every week we organise folk dance-evenings where both for children and adults. At this place everyone can dance and learn to dance all kind of Transilvanian folk - dances .
      • we organize several folk-camps, meetings and folk performances
      • we have parcticated as invited guests on folk shows and camps in Romania and also abroad
      • we organised scientific -trips to collect ethnographic information and genuine values of the Transilvanian folk-art heritage
      • we edited several scientific projects and works

    We strongly belive that for every nation, it must be a vital question to know his own roots, culture and heritage.We also support those ideas according with necessary to know as well our neighbour nation's culture.This things can rich our lives and lead to respect to other.