26th Marosszék Folk music and dance camp

Sambrias village, Murescounty
14-21 of July 2024


̶  dance teaching  ̶  dances from NYÁRÁDMENTE daily for starting dancers  ̶  dance teachers: János „Fazi” Fazakas and Rozália Molnár
 ̶  dance teaching  ̶  dances from MEZŐMADARAS and NYÁRÁDMAGYARÓS daily for advanced dancers  ̶  dance teachers: Csaba László, Zsolt László and Ildikó László Bartha
 ̶  dance teaching  ̶  dances from VAJDASZENTIVÁNY every evening for gourmets dancers  ̶  dance teachers: Elemér Kádár and Rozália Molnár
 ̶  folksong teaching ( „Marosszék” region songs) taught by Magda Kásler
 ̶  folk music teaching (fiddle, viola and base) under the guidance of András Sinkó
 ̶  music provided by the MAGOS band , ÖVES band and authentic village musicians
 ̶  activities for children (dance teaching, crafting, play centre) guided by Júlia Szakács-Mikes and István Szakács-Mikes
 ̶  „táncház” (dancehouse) every night with the performance and participation from authentic village groups and local village dancers, musicians and singers
 ̶  ethnographic lectures
 ̶  presentation and showcasing of traditional folk professions, local handicraft production and village activities and functions (straw weaving, straw hat sewing, blacksmith work, cowmilking, harvesting and breadbaking)
 ̶  handicraft workshop guided by Júlia Szakács-Mikes
 ̶  opportunities for ethnographic data collection in the village and its surroundings
 ̶  photographic exhibition  ̶  works of Katyi Antal
 ̶  ethnographic film screenings
 ̶  quiz games
 ̶  village museum
 ̶  a wide variety of entertaining complementary activities
 ̶  day ̶ trip to the „Esztena” (shepherds’ summer cabin), meeting with local shepherds, campfire
 ̶  folk ̶ pub with music
 ̶  surprises

A breathtaking Transylvanian scenery combined with a rustic village ambience will welcome all visitors who attend this soul invigorating week of events.
Based on the time ̶honoured dances, music, folk ̶customs and handicraft heritage of the „Marosszék” region, the camp will surely acquaint all attendees with the intellectual, traditional and cultural values of the region.
We warmly welcome singles, couples or groups of any age or any prior experience.

Camp Constitution


 ̶  three main meals daily (vegeterians also catered for)
 ̶  accommodation in tent (free, you bring your own tent) or in village residents’ homes (extra fee) – the number of such accomodation, especially with shower, are limited
̶  medical supervision
For convenience of the hosts we kindly request you to check in by 21:00 at the latest after your arrival in the village.

Additional/complementary activities in your leisure time:
 ̶  horse ̶ riding, horse ̶ cart rides, archery

 ̶  swimming (Medve lake near Szováta, the Nyárád river or the nearby lake of Nádas)

Conditions of participation
No participation fee, however, we ask for a donation – for the min. amount please fill the form below (please click on button):

Donation requeste

Donation is due in cash, on arrival, only in RON (Romanian Leu).
Sadly we are not able to exchange currencies.

Children under ten years of age are legible for a discount.
Children under two years of age can participate free of charge.
For groups above 20 we offer a 20% discount (four can participate free), members of group requested to be sent by 1st July. The discount for the groups are applicable to participants visiting for the whole duration of the camp.

Register as soon as possible – better from the comfort of your home rather than queuing on the spot!


We kindly ask you to revisit our homepage to receive updates and any potential changes.
We warmly welcome any helping ideas, suggestions and inspirations.
E-mail: office@folkcenter.ro
The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme and to cancel the camp at any time (due to factors beyond us).
You are most warmly awaited at the camp.
Please bring your best mood, and we hope to double it during the camp!

Those wishing to „relax”, please abstain from attendance in this camp!